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"The Universe has a specific & loving message for you today, and I am honored to hold hands with you as we travel a very special path to hearing, interpreting, and applying that message to your life!"


During your reading we will do some simple breathing exercises before beginning the intuitive selection of your Animal Spirit cards. A separate message may make its way to me during this time, and I'll weave that into your total reading. After reviewing the text about your animal and its message, we'll talk about how this impacts your life and goings-on, and reduce the reading down to its finest point: a very personal and specific message of encouragement and direction for you. You'll leave with my notes, a copy of the text and photo of your animal guide, and a noticeably lighter countenance!


Perhaps you are NOW ready to let go of the stubborn ideas that are holding you back. Otter Medicine can help you return to your natural state of playfulness & joy; for that is the place where you were born to 'operate' from!


Call Julie at (859) 466-6410 for an in-person reading.


Julie is an intuitive energy worker, healer, and businesswoman whose otter medicine calling is to share bountiful joy with you, enlighten your reminiscence of an abundant life, and offer practical help to special small businesses and entrepreneurs!


She experienced a profound & instantaneous spiritual and emotional healing in September 2014 and was reawakened to her intuitive abilities from childhood. This healing fully absolved her of her mourning and grief. Julie is compelled to share her joy at being given a second chance at a joyful life with you -- all for your highest good.


Combining this experience with her deep connection to all animals and nature, she offers:


  • Intuitive Readings with Animal Spirit Guides

  • Joyful Life Coaching

  • Project Management & Business Management with Intuitive Guidance

  • Community Event Organization & Fundraising

  • Reiki Practitioner (Level II/ Okuden, Usui)

  • Artistic Encouragement and Resources

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